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Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a custom made and fixed replacement for one or more missing teeth. It can be made to match the appearance of your existing natural teeth so you can speak and smile in confidence.

A bridge requires support from teeth that lie adjacent to the gap. It can therefore, only be made when these adjoining teeth are sound and strong. Presence of extensive dental restorations or gum problems on these teeth may require you to consider alternative replacement options such as dentures or implants.

Dental bridges are a strong and long lasting replacement option for the right situation. It is often possible to chew normally with a bridge. If oral hygiene is maintained well, bridges can function for several years without any problem. There is a risk of developing decay or gum problems on supporting teeth if oral hygiene is sub optimal. Regular dental check ups can detect and address these issues before the health of your bridge gets compromised.

At Greenwich Dental Health, we will explore all options of teeth replacement with you and ensure you receive the best advice that is tailored to your oral health situation.

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