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Tooth Extraction

Many of us are lucky to keep our natural teeth for life but sometimes teeth are lost through injuries, decays or extensive dental treatment done in the past. Teeth that are broken below the surface or fail to grow sufficiently, such as a wisdom tooth, may also require removal in a more involved way.

We can carry out a tooth extraction quickly and gently. We will also ensure your comfort not only during the procedure but also throughout your recovery period.

If a tooth needs to be removed, we can also replace it with to rebuild your smile and restore your ability to chew.

Other occasions that require tooth removal may be before an orthodontic ( brace) treatment commences in order to make room for teeth to slot into alignment.

If you are nervous about having a tooth removed or have a history of difficulty extraction, then we are here for you. We also offer IV sedation to help you relax during the procedure. If you wish to know more about sedation, please ask a member of the team.

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