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Mouth Cancer Screening

Mouth cancer screening should be carried out regularly. This is because the earlier the signs are spotted, the better the chance of cure.

There are several known causes or associations with oral cancer – smoking, alcohol, a poor diet and the human papillomavirus (HPV) are all risk factors.

At Greenwich Dental Health, whenever you attend for your oral health assessment, you can be assured that a thorough mouth cancer screening will also be undertaken at the same time.

Your oral cancer screening will involve an inspection of the face, neck, lips, and areas inside the mouth, including palate, tongue, floor of the mouth and throat as far back as possible. These are all major areas of screening for oral cancer.

Signs and symptoms for concern might be:

• A non healing or a bleeding ulcer
• A persistent growth or lump
• Red or white patches on the lining of the mouth
• Loosening of teeth for no obvious reason
• Jaw pain or stiffness
• Painful or difficulty swallowing
• Persistent sore throat

Whilst the above symptoms are not always signs of cancer, they can sometimes turn into cancer. Please do book a consultation to get these checked as soon as possible. It is particularly important to seek an opinion if you smoke or drink alcohol regularly.

We will make a fast track referral to the appropriate specialist for further investigation should we spot anything of concern.

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