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We advise that you should brush your teeth for ‘two minutes, twice daily’ and use interdental aid such as floss regularly to get in between teeth not only to prevent decay but also to avoid gum disease.

Some people are more prone to gum problems than others and require extra help. Misaligned teeth, presence of extensive dental fillings or crowns and fixed braces all create hygiene difficulties. This is when a dental hygienist can help.

Dental hygienists are registered dental professionals who help patients maintain their oral health by preventing and treating periodontal (gum) disease and promoting good oral health practice. They carry out treatment direct to patients or under prescription from a dentist.

You are able to access dental hygiene care without the need to visit a dentist first.  This is called Direct access.

Our dental hygienists will remove tartar and plaque (hard and soft deposits) from all surfaces of the teeth and then polish them thoroughly to remove stains. They will educate each patient on appropriate oral hygiene strategies to maintain oral health, give nutritional advice to help avoid the pitfalls of any food and drinks that can lead to erosion and decay, and help eliminate any malodour caused by bacteria. Those with extensive build of deposits or gum disease may be advised to  have additional hygiene sessions to stabilise their gum health and may also be referred to a gum specialist for further care if  necessary.

Most patients will benefit long term from a six-monthly hygienist visit for maintenance of optimal oral health. Should you need a little extra care, then we will schedule more frequent appointments to specifically address any oral health concerns.

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